davidwelsh... Lifestyle in Provence

Provence awakens the senses, a symphony of colour awaits your eyes, joyful sounds in the market place.
The clink of wine glasses and the rich aroma of coffee pervades the air.

Maybe your first experience of Provence is the local market place ... that is, once you have found out where

and on what day.

Your first aim should be to get there as early as possible in the morning, find a good café in the sun, with a fresh croissant and a café crême ... for the hardened locals it will be a glass of Rosé or a Pastis. ( No matter what time of day it is)

In Lourmarin it’s Café Gaby or Café de l’Ormeau. Claim your seat, visit the boulangerie to purchase your pain au chocolat, then get back to some serious ‘people watching’ which seems to be the order of the day,

or maybe just sit and endeavour to read “La Provence,” failing that, buy the Times and complete the crossword ... again!

The year starts off with freshly picked strawberries and moves on to cherries, apricots, Cavaillon melons, figs and of course the most amazing tomatoes you have ever tasted.

I could go on with this list, but to give you an extra flavour of Provence  you have the famous Fromages de Chevre, the finest goats cheese you could ever wish to taste,

along with a multitude of others beside.

The market place is a constant buzz of every language you can think of, along with amazing smells, fragrance’s,

aroma’s, bouquet’s or balm’s including lavender, thyme rosemary and basil, or you can taste the tapenade’s of black and green olive’s, figs, sundried tomatoes, the list of these delicacies are endless.

Then there are stalls selling an abundance of olive’s. Black, Green,Purple, sprinkled with herbs of Provence and stuffed with peppers, lemon or garlic... these must be tasted!

I think to end this little appetiser of Provence we should do it with the clink of wineglasses, the rich smell of coffee and the sounds of street singers that encapsulate this amazing region of France.