Archive Paintings of Provence

Older photographs of paintings found during the coronavirus lockdown studio tidy up !
Its amazing the things you do during a lockdown, I thought I would start by having a major tidy-up. Of course that brings it’s own problems in as much as what do you keep and what do you throw away.
However I started by cleaning draws out, only to find the more you dig the more you find.
It was then I came across various envelopes with photographs and transparencies inside. I then discovered some of them were about 25 years old. Some of the photographs were not of good quality, however I thought I would try to create a page on the website and show some of the better ones.

Interested in a similar repaint



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Vignes au début du Printemps

Winter has come to an end

and spring time is just


Green shoots

begin to show themselves.

Reminding me that 

Coronavirus is coming to an end also.

There is life’ and it will return,

but maybe not the way we expect it !

There is a verse in the Passion Translation of the New Testament

it reads like this-

Psalm 90 v 14-15

Let the sunrise of your love end our dark night.

Break through our clouded dawn again!

Only you can satisfy our hearts,

filling us with songs of joy to

the end of our days.

We’ve been overwhelmed with grief;

come now and overwhelm us with


This is not a painting that

many people like,

... but overflows with meaning.